Friday, 30 August 2013

August 2013 - quick update

So here we are at the end of another month, it has been 3 months since my operation now (28th May) and in some ways it seems a very long time ago....a lot of things have happened.

I get asked a lot now how I am feeling, I think the best answer is "about as good as I did before the operation". What I mean by that is I can go out and walk for 2 miles without needing a respirator or a sleep, my fitness is gradually getting better and most of my supplementary symptoms have passed. I still couldn't run down the road, but I could walk quite fast :-)

I still have the tingly/numb sensation in my foot, which although annoying I am used to now and I hope it will pass without any further visits to the doctors. We'll see....

Also you may remember Diabetes Insipidus (DI) from an earlier post, and me taking Desmopressin to alleviate the symptoms. Well, for some time I have been taking a lower dose than recommended and this has been working fine. I decided last weekend to stop taking the tablets altogether to see what happened, expecting the excessive night-time drinking and wee-ing to resume, but it didn't. And as of last night, it still hasn't. Now the Endocrine consultant Dr. Kar said that I had "transient" DI which I guess by the literal definition of the word means it can come and go, and right now it seems to have gone. Which is brilliant because I was not keen on taking those tablets, but we'll have to wait and see. It kind of makes up for having to take the Hydrocortisone tablets forever I suppose.

I have another appointment with Dr. Kar next week to discuss the way forward, he seems pretty positive, but I am hoping he can sort out my Testosterone levels, as I need my fitness and muscle levels to increase, and I think this will help. He said all my other hormone levels are "stable", hopefully I'll find out whether that is stable=good or stable=inadequate next week.

I return to work full time next week too, so most parts of my life are returning to normal, and after 3 months it is not a moment too soon. This doesn't include being able to drive yet, which is really getting on my wick....hurry up the DVLA!!

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