Saturday, 12 October 2013

October 2013 - the hairy legs

So, I mentioned how it all started in this part of my blog. Essentially the reason my pituitary tumour was diagnosed, was because of my vain worry about my once hairy (and at the time, totally bald) legs. Not the tiredness, not the slightly odd vision in my left eye, not the lack of fitness, not my pale complexion....none of that. My hairless legs, pathetic really, but at least I mentioned it to the doctor and she did the right test and I got my diagnosis, so everything turned out right in the end.

Having just been out for another longish walk, 2.5 miles, this means my brain has been mulling over recent events - as I said recently I do seem to do a lot of thinking whilst walking. Don't tell my wife though, she'll have me thinking about more practical things! Having been on the Testosterone gel for nearly a couple of weeks along with the Hydrocortisone, you may be wondering how my hairy legs are faring. Well I have good news! I think it may be the Hydrocortisone that is doing it, but my hairy legs are returning....and hairy arms. It is quite hard to pin down exactly how I feel from one day to the next, but it is quite heart-warming to see some outward sign of my body changing back to what it once was.

I had a look through this site recently - there's loads of great info on there and reading through some of the forums, a lot of people far worse off than me. Sobering thoughts.

Finally, social media, in particular Twitter. I have only used it for fun purposes, following humerous people who post hilarious jokes, accounts that post cute, historical and funny pictures...all stuff to lighten the day. But I've followed a few different people lately who are linked with either my condition or the medical profession and the Pituitary Foundation, and you realise just how hard these people work to move care in their areas along. You see the higher profile charities on the telly, but it is easy to forget the small guys and how much great work they do. I think it might be time to give something back....just not sure how yet. Twitter really is a great way to engage with a wide audience at the click of a finger or mouse, it costs you nothing but your it has a serious side as well as a humerous side. Just like we all do :-)


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  2. A serious as well as humorous side? Speak for yourself!