Friday, 20 December 2013

December 2013 - Pituitary Poetry!

Ok, so as you are about to find out, I'm no poet. But as it is Christmas time I thought "why not" let's have some fun. So with no regard whatsoever for any poetry rules, here goes:

2013, it was a heck of a year
It started well, but wasn't full of good cheer
I had something wrong inside my head
Not the first time that it had been said!

I had something wrong with my pituitary gland
So off I went to have my little head scanned
There was something in my head that shouldn't have been
Put me and my wife in a terrible spin

It wasn't long before the hospital rang
And promised to pull out the whole shebang
The tumour would come out, down through my nose
And out in the bin with it, they would dispose

The operation day soon came along
Doctors and nurses around me, all of a throng
Out like a light, into a deep sleep
Woke up later, machines going beep beep

So my hospital stay soon came and went
Some recuperation time was soon being spent
But as with these things, it not so clear cut
Coming up soon, was a very large “but”

Back to the hospital, I had to go
Recovery time, annoyingly slow
A time to be healthy, I so did yearn
and with lots of time my fitness returned

There are some people I really must thank
Without whom I’d be nowhere to be perfectly frank
All the NHS teams who looked after me
Couldn't have done it better, I’m sure you’d agree

Another constant who helped me recover my life
Is my beautiful and gorgeous and long suffering wife
She was as caring as any person could be
In her valiant quest to look after me 

So what’s the moral of this story, I hear you cry
Well there isn't one actually, I really can't lie
Just a lame excuse to write some poetry in my blog
It’s Christmas-time everyone, let’s have some eggnog!


Maybe I'll update the blog over the festive period, or maybe not. But in any case hope you all have a Merry Christmas everyone :-) 

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