Monday, 17 February 2014

February 2014 - I'm looking good!

So today was the big day, my first full post-operative endocrine check up. The good news is, it was good news!

My MRI scan showed that all of the tumour that could feasibly have been taken away without further damaging my pituitary gland, has been taken away. This MRI scan how serves as my 'base-line' scan with which to judge the scan I'll have in about a years time. It will allow the experts to judge whether I have any re-growth of tumour or not. Certainly my consultant was really pleased with the result, therefore so am I !!

As for my hormone balance and other levels that were checked with my recent blood tests, all is looking good except for continuing slightly low Testosterone levels. This will be remedied by upping the dosage a bit.

In the end I was a bit nervous before going in, as your mind can play tricks and convince you that there just may be something awry, but that turned out to be rubbish as always. I mentioned a few of my other niggles too...

Energy crashes
I have mentioned this before in my blog, occasionally I can really feel lacking in energy for no obvious reason. Dr Kar explained this as normal in my situation, because I am taking a flat daily dose of Hydrocortisone. But in a person with normal pituitary function, the gland will adjust the dose as the body needs it. I guess in all this, it is where I feel a bit cheated, that my pituitary gland can't work on automatic any more. Some minor change in my bodily Cortisol needs, would normally kick the pituitary into action, and out comes an extra dose of Cortisol and the human just carries on as normal, none the wiser. But not so for me, I take 10ml of Hydrocortisone in the morning, and if my body uses all that up for whatever reason, I get an energy out of fuel if you like. This has happened about 12 to 12:30 a couple of times, and as it is nearly lunchtime I take my lunchtime dose of Hydrocortisone and have some food and drink, and everything returns to normal. Apparently the body can get used to the dose levels given by the tablets, but this can take a while. It isn't particularly troubling, annoying when it happens, but also very good to know that in my situation, it is 'normal'.

Numb/tingly leg/foot
My MRI scan and nerve conduction tests showed nothing, but the problem persists. It apparently could be a vitamin deficiency, so a blood test may be in order to check it out. So I will do in due course, see what gives

"Mucky" nose
I'll give this another little while, and if it still gets on my nerves, my consultant will get me an ENT referral

Ever since my operation, I have had bouts of cramp which I never suffered with before. These can be in my toes (same leg as the numb/tingly leg) or sometimes in my fingers/thumbs or even in my jaw muscle. Apparently, this may be caused by my continuing low Testosterone levels. So once the dosage is upped, we'll see if this goes away.

So that is my summary of today, good news all things considered. 

Finally, I watched a program on Channel 5 call Brain Hospital which detailed the progress of 'Simon' who needed an operation to remove a pituitary tumour, very similar story to my own. Certainly makes you reflect.....

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