Monday, 29 September 2014

September 2014 - Latest check-up results

Hi there, after a long break, I'm back!

Today I went to see Dr Kar my Endocrinologist to have a check-up on my progress. It has been one year and 4 months since I waved goodbye to my Pituitary tumour, 18 months since I started on the Hydrocortisone tablets and a year since I started on the Testosterone. Having reviewed my blood tests, Dr Kar confirmed that everything is normal. Lets just celebrate that word again

Don't you just love that word - even though 'normal' means different things to different people, to me it means feeling full of energy (well, not all the time), being fitter, having more mental 'get up and go' and just so many other little things. Yes, even being hairier!!

There is still the odd glitch here and there, I still have energy crashes at the weekend where I am physically a lot more active than I am during the week, which on advice I may be able to counteract with a slightly higher dose of Hydrocortisone.....but not go mad with the higher dose as I have to be careful not to make a habit of it. But all in all, so much better.

I have another check-up in February of next year and another MRI scan after that to make sure my tumour isn't making a re-appearance.

General health-wise, I've had my glucose levels checked because I had developed a concern (a silly concern really) that I may be at risk of developing diabetes, but my blood glucose is 4.8 which is apparently fine. I need to have another Cholesterol test, because I was showing a bit high around 18 months ago, but that was before my hormone levels were sorted out. So I'll have a blood test soon to make sure that hasn't got any worse (I think it was about 7 before, where the ideal is 5mmol/L) and maybe even got better. Who knows, I'm not overly worried about it, but still I ought to have it checked.

As for the numb/tingly leg/foot, it is still there and I think I'm probably stuck with it. It has settled to a fairly low-level hasn't got any worse or better for a while and I think I impinged a nerve in my lower back somewhere....but all the tests for really bad things have come back negative, so that is a good thing.

So I'm still here, and still improving. All in all, today was a pretty good day!

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