Tuesday, 4 November 2014

November 2014 - quick meds update

Me again!

As I've said in previous blogs, I do have the occasional energy crash due to a lack of Cortisol - usually at the weekend. The last few weekends, following a consultation with my Endocrinologist, if I know in advance I will be doing something strenuous then I take an extra 2.5mg (quarter of a tablet) of Hydrocortisone. So far it seems to be working. I didn't expect to be doing much this last weekend, so didn't take any extra, however did end up doing some gardening and had an energy crash. But in contrast the previous weekend, I was digging out a large stump from a bush in the garden, so had taken the extra 2.5mg and voila, no energy crash. So at least I have a way to avoid the energy crashes now....that is the theory at least, I will try it out over the following few months to see it it pans out.

I have always taken a gel to replace my Testo, which has been working ok but it does get a bit of a faff and also does severely dry my skin sometimes. So I talked to my Endocrinologist about trying a Testosterone injection instead. You only have to have the injection every 12 weeks or so, and although it is supposed to be a bit uncomfortable initially it saves worrying about daily gel rubbing. 

So I had the injection yesterday (in the bum cheek), and although it is a bit tender initially the 'pain' (it's barely pain) subsides and hopefully that's that for a few weeks. The doctor will test my Testo levels at 12 weeks to see if I still have adequate Testo levels, and if I am a bit low then I might need to have the injection (say) every 10 or 11 weeks instead. But we won't know until then how quickly my body absorbs the injection. The Testo injection is suspended in an olive oil like substance so that the body can't absorb it too quickly. I'll report back in due course to see how it goes. The only slight reservation I had yesterday was that it made my right leg go a bit numb, and my left leg go a bit more numb than it already is....as you know I have the lingering numb/tingly leg thing since I damaged a nerve somewhere. It seems a bit better today, so hopefully a temporary thing.

Other than that, all is good on the Pituitary front. Long may it continue! :-)

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