Sunday, 5 February 2017

February 2017 - I've still got AI!

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Well, it is just about 4 years since I had my blood tests that first pointed towards me having an issue with me not producing Cortisol. And these 4 years later I still have Adrenal Insufficiency (AI), not surprising really. There are apparently very rare cases where pituitary function can return, but unlikely in my case. So no problem, I keep taking my daily dose of Hydrocortisone, 10mg with breakfast, 5mg at lunchtime and 5mg around 6pm.

On a day by day basis, I pretty much forget that I have AI, I just keep taking the tablets. I wouldn't have it any other way really, just keeps the normality in my life. But on a day like today, I'm reminded that my body isn't infallible. I was taking down some curtains, curtain rails and pelmets, really not strenous work you'd think. However I seem to have an achilles heel when it comes to working with my arms up for long periods of time unscrewing and supporting fairly weighty items. I know everyone is different but for me it burns through the cortisol like no-ones business. 

I returned home and immediately knew I was flagging with that "low Cortisol" feeling, unmistakable. So at around 5pm, a sit down, an early 5mg Hydro dose and a quick bite to eat. Sorted me out within 30 minutes. So no real drama, but as I have reported  in the past in 'man vs hedge' I have come to recognise those signs. In a way, lugging heavy shears above my head at a hedge and undoing curtain pelmets are probably similar physically.

Just having that reminder annoys me - I consider myself pretty fit but clearly not immune to certain types of physical stress. But ignoring it won't make it any better, far better to recognise the signs and do something about it. I'm lucky in that my condition is so stable and my medication needs don't change from day to day, but when they do change the situation can creep up on you.

I'm due a review with my consultant in a few weeks, to check my bloods are in order. I've also got my NHS healthcheck next week, to check out other blood tests I've had done to measure cholesterol and blood sugar to check my risks for, amongst other things, type 2 diabetes. Glucose levels were fine (4.8) but cholesterol is probably a bit high. So we'll have to see what the surgery have to say about that!

So in summary, I've still got AI, it is part of who I am now..... :-)

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