Sunday, 1 February 2015

February 2015 - Sometimes you just know

Well, as the title says, this time when something wasn't quite right I had a suspicion as to what the cause might be.

I have recently mentioned the fuzzy eyesight in my left eye, and my first thought was it was related to optic nerve damage due to the pituitary tumour or its removal. I first noticed that something wasn't right last year after I had new glasses in about September. Usually, you get new glasses and within a few days your eyes have adjusted and you have good eyesight again. However, this time after two weeks my left eye was still playing up. My hope was that the optician had got the prescription wrong, or tested my eyes wrongly, but that is pretty rare so my doubts were already on high alert.

After a retest by two opticians, a referral was made to my doctor who spoke to me and referred me to an eye specialist, the same specialist who saw me when I was reporting weird eyesight back in 2008....(I've still not quite forgiven him for not spotting the tumour back then) which was undoubtedly tumour related, but we didn't know that at the time.

So last week I saw Mr Evans the eye specialist again, who did various tests and reported that the nerve in my left eye was "paler" than the other one, which I assume means it has less blood flow in it than the other. I need to go for some nerve conduction tests in Southampton to input some kind of images into my eyes and measure with electrodes on my head nerve impulses responses. Mr Evans was pretty sure of the outcome though, permanent damage to the nerve.

The one piece of good news, was that he does not think that it is something that will degenerate with time, that it is damage that has happened and it will stay as it is....although he couldn't say for sure....that is my biggest worry right now.

I can't change what has happened, but all I can hope for is that Mr Evans is right, and that my glasses prescription can be upped a bit so the vision can be improved a bit more than what it is now. I so wished that the optician had been wrong all along and all that was required was a different set of glasses, but somehow I just knew it was too much of a coincidence having had left eye problems with the tumour that further left eye problems (albeit a different kind of problem) was just bound to be tumour related again.

So I await more tests, which will probably take a while to come along in the mean time I will do my best to ignore the fuzziness. Most of the time I don't notice it, it is only when I think about it that I notice it. The brain is very good at making the best out of the two eyes at its disposal.


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