Thursday, 5 September 2013

September 2013 - The Hulk, grrrrr

Well here we are in September already, and I have just had a really positive visit to see Dr. Kar my Endocrinologist. I feel much better having seen him as it seems I am only slightly out with my hormone levels and my full recovery is well within my grasp.

As I have already reported, my Cortisol levels will need permanent boosting with Hydrocortisone, but Dr. Kar said there are no long term health risks with taking Steroids as they are replacing something I'm missing. The only risk is if my body suddenly starts making its own Cortisol again which would put me in a higher dose situation. It could happen apparently. The only other hormone that needs sorting out is Testosterone....which I had guessed already.

Testosterone should give me back a bit of 'get up and go' which I would certainly welcome, but it also serves an important function as I get older which is to protect my bones (Osteoporosis). So bring on the Testosterone, I'm going to try a gel to start with to see how I get on, if I turn green and all my clothes rip off (Incredible Hulk-esque) then clearly I'm using too much gel!!

Other than that, I need to have an MRI scan towards the end of the year to check everything is ok in Pituitary land, and my next scheduled appointment now isn't until January. So I can stop worrying about stuff and get on with healing and getting better. Can't wait!

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