Friday, 29 November 2013

November 2013 - another milestone flies by

Here comes's the last update of November as we fly towards December with alarming speed, although according to the TV adverts, it's been almost Christmas throughout November.

Talking of TV Adverts, I loved the original of this advert, and I'm glad they've brought back a Christmas version #DancePonyDance 

By the way, my Dad is still doing ok, and is still in hospital until he has had an MRI scan. Early next week he's due for review....

So what milestone has flown by then? It was the 6 month anniversary of my Pituitary operation believe it or not - the 28th May was when my tumour was dragged kicking and screaming down through my nose (probably not all in one go!). I wonder where it is now, is it sat in some pickle jar in a laboratory, like those brains you see on the horror movies....I kind of quite like that analogy. If it really was, I'd like to go and see it because quite frankly I'd want to slap it in the face, all the trouble it gave me. I could spend many a long hour chatting to it.....well maybe not. I suppose in reality it is in some clinical landfill site rotting down. I've literally never given it any thought whatsoever until I started typing this update, strange what things come into my head at times.

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