Sunday, 11 August 2013

August 2013 - things calming down

It has been 9 days since my last update, and that can only mean one thing....I've got less to say! I am definitely feeling 'on the mend' now, Deb and I went out for a brisk 2 mile walk today in the warm sun and I didn't feel the need for an hours nap afterwards, that is not to say that unscheduled naps don't occur because they do, but my stamina is gradually returning. I'm getting a good nights sleep most nights (our dog isn't very well right now, so there are some unscheduled interruptions) and my weight has evened out at just over 10 stone....still three quarters of a stone lighter than I was a couple of months ago.

My penchant for fresh fruit is continuing, had a satsuma today, some more melon at the end of last week, and there are some nectarines ripening in the fruit bowl....I didn't even know where the fruit bowl was that long ago. Very weird....

My bad back/numb foot continues, it hasn't got any worse although maybe slightly better, but I am still awaiting an appointment to follow up the MRI scan. From a conversation I had with the consultants secretary, it may be some weeks before this appointment comes through. Annoying, but I am learning to live with the odd feeling foot, but sitting down for any length of time is still uncomfortable (numb and at the same time painful Coccyx) and can lead to me fidgeting around. Which isn't very handy when you are trying to type on a laptop keyboard and standing up!

Also this last week I have returned to work, albeit on a part time basis. I'll be part time for the next 3 weeks to ease me back in gently. It was quite hard last week getting my brain in gear, and took some thinking sometimes to remember where I was with a particular project. I know things will start to come flooding back to me as I get back into the swing of things - I must make an effort to get into the office in Pompey some time soon, if for no other reason than to pay my lottery money!

I really need my driving licence back now, it is getting very inconvenient. My Endocrinologist sent me for an eyesight 'visual field test' which showed that my fields had returned to normal. Before the operation, there were noticeable areas at the edge of my visual field that were obscured, more than I realised. But now the tumour has been removed and the optic nerve is un-pinched, the vision has returned. I had an appointment come through from the DVLA to attend a local optician to do another field test, which according to the optician I passed with flying colours, seeing 117 out of a possible 120 pinpoints of light. He said my test results, along with a few other tests he did, would not be a problem with the DVLA. So I am hoping that once the DVLA have assessed the feedback from both of the above tests, they will conclude that I am safe to drive once safe as I ever was anyway!!

I still have my big Synacthen test to come on the 20th August, which is now only just over a week away, still not looking forward to it, but really wanting the results and then being able to move on to balancing all my other hormones. Not long to wait now hopefully.

So it seems things are slowly returning to normal, just need my back to resolve itself, the DVLA to give me my licence back, and my hormones balanced. Simples :-)

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