Wednesday, 8 January 2014

January 2014 - New year, new me?

New me.....probably not likely. Healthier me, hopefully.

So the Christmas indulgence has passed, well nearly. We still have quite a lot of chocolates and savory stuff to munch our way through, but not too much more. My first medicated Christmas passed by without too much incident. I had a mixture of holiday and working between Christmas and New Year, and the different schedule led me to forget my middle of the day Hydrocortisone tablets twice. Once I only forgot them by an hour or so, but the other time wasn't until about 5pm when I suddenly remembered. I just took the dose then, and took my evening one (normally 6pm) about 9pm and all seemed to be fine. Part of the reason I remembered  at all was because I suddenly felt a bit tired and weary and then it hit me. So all in all no harm done, but it freaked me out a bit. Must-try-harder.... :-)

Apart from the hiccup above, to be honest I didn't give my condition too much thought at all. I just eat and drank as normal and apart from a couple of 'thoughtful' moments had a whale of a time. One thing that I have realised is how lucky I am to just be able to eat and drink what I want at that time of the year. Because my condition falls under the heading of 'Endocrine', patients who have diabetes fall under the same category (consultant, specialty), so a few people I follow on Twitter have diabetes and of course if you have this condition you have to closely monitor what you eat and drink to ensure you don't end up with a Hypo/Hyper. I hadn't really given it any thought before, as to how lucky I am to not have to think about eating/drinking, but to be a diabetic at Christmas must really suck.

Finally, Pilates. My wife has been going to Pilates for over a year now and it has made a tremendous difference to her fitness and muscle now it's my turn. I haven't made a 'new years resolution' to get fitter, but nonetheless I do want to get fitter in 2014. So I thought "why not give Pilates a go". Last night was the first session, and it is a 'special' men only Pilates group as I bottled going to an established session where everyone would be very fit. This is a newly established group, where everyone would be on the same level, i.e. beginner!! An hour of working out mainly your 'core' muscles confirmed what I already knew, I don't have any core muscles. It was very hard. A couple of guys who have been going to a class for two years came along for moral support and they were full of praise for how much it has helped their fitness and posture, so they must be doing something right. Will I keep going, only time will tell....I hope so as I have no doubt it will benefit me. But dragging yourself out of the house in the evening to go to fitness classes is never easy, so I mustn't underestimate the power of laziness creeping in. I'm hoping my more positive 'hormone balanced' self will keep me going!

That's it for now.

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