Sunday, 26 January 2014

January 2014 - MRI Scan day

Today (Sunday 26th Jan) was follow up MRI scan day. Hopefully the scan will reveal nothing more than a Pituitary gland in my head where the Pituitary gland is supposed to be. No tumour left and no tumour regrowing. 

I was much more clued up on the procedure this time so knew what to expect. I checked in at the MRI scan unit at 12:45 and they ran through all the pre-scan questions making sure nothing metal is about or inside your person that could get damaged when the MRI scanner does its work (or indeed that nothing damages the MRI scanner). Then get into the lovely fetching hospital gown and then get laid out in the scanner. The MRI nurse explains everything that is going to happen (including the lovely Gadolinium contrast injection) and off we go. Laying there listening to Heart FM the first 4 minute scan fires off. This time not surprised by how much of a racket this delicate piece of multi-million pound equipment makes. Then a 9 minute scan and then out of the scanner for the injection.

At this point, you can't move your head because a) they don't want move your head so that the scans will line up (presumably) and b) your head is clamped into a frame/cage that goes over your head to stop it moving about too much. I just did the manly thing and closed my eyes whilst the injection was given, via a canula I think, and in fact I barely felt a thing.....Then back into the scanner for a final 4 minute scan and that was that. All done in just over half a hour. I was really impressed by the service there even on a Sunday, checked in bang on time, went in the the scan bang on time. Only had to pay for an hours parking, which is always a bonus in a hospital!

I wait until 20th February before I go back to see my Endocrinologist to get the results of the scan and my blood tests. Fingers crossed. 

I've been doing some research about how much an MRI scan costs, which I hope to post in a future blog, just for discussions sake. Thought it may be interesting to see how much of the NHS' money I've spent now I've had 3 MRI scans (2 on my head, one on my back/lower spine). It almost takes me into that age old debate about the cost of things and the value of things. Clearly the value of having my head scanned is massive to me, as it tells me whether I'm healthy again or not....whereas the cost might not always be obvious. 

Other than that, health-wise everything seems ok. The saga continues......

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