Monday, 28 October 2013

October 2013 - 5 months ago today

Well, doesn't time fly when you're enjoying yourself! Today being the 28th October, means that it is exactly 5 months ago today I had my operation to remove my Pituitary Tumour. I wonder how long I will be 'celebrating' my anniversary, I assume for at least one year. The date sticks in my mind for some reason! It really doesn't feel like that long ago, but a lot has happened in the last 5 months, highs and lows, hopes and fears.....but much more positive now.

We went out with friends on Saturday night for a lovely meal on the premise of celebrating my health, which was very nice indeed. Inevitably the "how are you feeling now" question came up, which I neatly side-stepped and got my wife to answer for me. It seemed more appropriate for a different view on my progress. Deb said that I am more positive now and had much more 'get up and go' not just since the operation but also compared to how I was before the operation. I'm glad she has seen that change, because I have felt that I am much more positive, but I don't think you aren't a great judge of your own performance...not in work or life.

Also I've finally been catching up on all sorts of appointments and jobs that have been put off since early June. One of my minor niggles has been my two front teeth, ever since my operation they haven't felt "quite right". Much better now than they were, but they still feel a bit numb. The dentist said it is likely my Palatine Nerve got disturbed during the operation (via my nose) and it will probably take a few more months to settle down. Apparently anesthetist's primary concern is making sure their patient is knocked out and incubated correctly during the operation, and although they don't intentionally knock teeth around, it isn't unheard of. I think I can see the logic there! I've also booked a full eye test, having been given the all clear regarding my visual fields, I think it is time to have a proper eye test to make sure everything else is in order. I've also made an appointment to see the doctor to discuss my tingly/numb foot, as it seems keen to hang around, grrr.

About this time 5 months ago, I was sat in my hospital bed on tenterhooks waiting to go down for the operation, which didn't happen until 3pm. Sitting here now, I can very clearly remember just how nervous I was back then. 

5 months on, all I have to worry about is hurricane force storm "St. Jude". Wow.

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