Friday, 4 October 2013

October 2013 - I think it might be down to me now

As I've said, I have been doing a lot of walking since my operation, it has been the one thing I felt I could do to get some aerobic fitness back. One thing walking is very good for is thinking, as you're out pounding the streets your mind drifts all over the place, and today on my 2.2 mile walk (according to my phone) my mind led me to how I'm going to get the upper half of my body back in shape. I think I've been lining up the excuses not to put some effort in for at least the last year:

A year ago or so (example)
"Well, I'm over 50 now, so I'm not as fit as I was...probably no point in fighting the age this is how it will be from now on" (although of course my pituitary tumour was probably not helping me, but I didn't know about it at the time)

February 2013
"I've got a low Adreno/Cortisol levels, so my body isn't going to be up to heavy exercise. Probably best to wait until this is all sorted."

May 2013
"I've just had a big operation, it will be a while before I am back up to 100% fitness"

June 2013
"I've had another visit to hospital, it will be a while before I am back up to 100% fitness"

July - September 2013
"I'm feeling a lot better, but my hormones still need some sorting there's no point in pushing my body too soon"

Now it is October 2013, I am probably on Hydrocortisone tablets for life, the maintenance dose will give me the Cortisol I need to carry on 'normal' life. I have also started on Testosterone gel sachets which means that the only other hormone I was deficient in is now back on track. So then, body recovery-check! hormones-check! Is there a hormone for willpower? Only it seems that everything is in place now for me to start getting a bit more exercise done to get back that muscle tone I lost during my June bout of illness. I have no more excuses now, so I'd better start putting some effort in. (but seriously, is there a willpower hormone? It would come in handy!)

So, no more excuses, I need to put some effort in!

Also, I went to a really useful "how to stab yourself in the leg with a sharp needle" [education] session the other day. I hope and pray that the times in my life when I actually need to do this will be VERY few and far between. But nonetheless in an emergency if I have a bad accident or can't keep my hydrocortisone down, I may need to inject myself with an emergency dose of steroids. So the Endocrine nurse specialist Sarah showed me and another patient how to assemble the needle and draw up a dose of steroids and jab the needle into a fake thigh. The thing I didn't let on is that I can barely even stand looking at needles and have taken a wide berth around the few needles that are already in the house. But the time came to "man up" and I think I did an ok job at that?! Having thought about it over the last couple of days, I am of the belief that I would be able to inject myself if I had to, I don't think the medical profession would give me the tools if they didn't think it was reasonably safe to do so - or at least more preferable to give me the tools than risk me not having the injection in time. Picked up a few other useful tips too, so it was time well spent.

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