Tuesday, 8 October 2013

October 2013 - finally a letter from the DVLA

Well, they took their time, but the DVLA have finally written to me with their formal decision about my licence. I was convinced that the ONLY answer they could give me bearing in mind the positive eye tests I have had could be a good one, and indeed it was. They were pleased to inform me that "I may keep my driving licence". Thank goodness for that.

Also had a flu jab today, which was a first. And it seems as it was my first flu jab I also qualified for a once in a lifetime offer of a free Pneumonia jab too, one jab in each arm. The flu jab is a safeguard to try and avoid me getting the flu as my immune system relies on my Hydrocortisone tablets, so the flu is best avoided. However, it kinda makes me feel old, as in my mind only retired people have a flu jab (I know this to be rubbish, but still) - just something else to get used to.

Thinking about having the flu jab, and the slight disadvantage my body has put me in, does make me feel jealous sometimes of 'normal fit and healthy people' (whatever that means). It is a silly way to feel, but sometimes I see someone who in my mind looks a fit and healthy specimen who I believe just from looking at him is producing abundant hormones, and the thought enters my mind "you don't know how lucky you are". Ridiculous way of thinking because in fact I am in good health myself, its just that I need a bit of help from some medication to keep me that way. I won't let the negative thoughts take over, but I thought I'd share my feelings. I suppose it is a natural reaction for anyone really, "why me"......

That's it for now, just a quick update.

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