Saturday, 20 July 2013

July 2013 - another MRI scan

So today (20 July) I went for another MRI scan, this time on my lower back. It is the follow up to the one night hospital stay that I had last week. Having been so keen to admit me to hospital last week I was expecting a quick date for the scan, and indeed yesterday I got a call to go in today for the scan. If you've ever been for an  MRI scan, you'll know what to expect and so did i this time, mind you last time I only had my head scanned so I wasn't very far into the machine but this time I was all the way is so noisy in there. But at least it was all over inside 30 minutes.

So now all I have to worry about are the results. With my run of luck they are going to ring me up and tell me i need an operation, but I truly hope that they find nothing more than a few annoyed nerves which will heal themselves. I couldn't face another operation, I really couldn' I have another worry burden for however long it takes for the consultant to come back to me. I really need him to get back quickly, so that if all I need to do is go to a chiropractor then I can get on with it, because this bad back is hampering my progress, as I am scared I will damage it further. But will have to play the waiting game.

Otherwise I have had an ok couple of days, still getting tired and running out of steam quickly, but did sit out in the garden with a pear cider earlier , which was nice.

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  1. Ugh, so it turns out there will be no appointment until the consultant's secretary comes back from holiday on the 1st August. Grrrr