Wednesday, 17 July 2013

July - starting that recovery again

Early July......
So now we are into the current month, I've finished my second stay in hospital and I'm back home. Suddenly the way forward does not seem at all clear. In plan A, I would have been well on the road to recovery and had some tests I needed to get my hormones on track. But now in plan B, I'm too ill to even consider taking these tests and I need to get better fast in order to get back on track. But I've no energy, no appetite, fluid retention legs and feet and really all I'm fit for is sitting and laying down trying to fix the immediate problems. Added to that, nothing tastes right, my mouth is always dry and what appetite I do have is for odd things.

So the first few days back at home aren't really very happy one's as I come to terms with being much more ill than I started, and impatient at the delay caused to getting back to normality - I must be driving my wife mad by now - but if I am she's not showing it. What a star she is, and in fact there is no way I'd have got through all this without her, nursing me, helping me, talking things through with me, driving me everywhere. She did mention that I was stretching the marriage vow "in sickness and in health" a bit, but otherwise with all the other things we have on our plate right now, I couldn't have asked more from her, and in fact the point was I didn't have to ask most of the time, she just did what I needed.

Bringing things right up to date, I weighed myself yesterday, just a shade under 10 stone. I haven't been that light since I was at school, and everything I've lost is muscle. I know that people would be more than happy to shed almost a stone in weight as easily as I have, but I really want mine back, and the only way I'm going to get it is start to exercise more, and with it being 30 degrees outside, that means armchair aerobics. I look like a right idiot but a sit down cycling machine, resistance bands and a stepping machine will have to do for now. I've actually been feeling a bit more fit the last couple of days, my tingling foot and coccyx have eased a bit which makes getting about easier, and my energy levels are up a bit. My appetite has also fully returned, which has got to be a good thing. So as I sit here and type this, I can be more positive again and hope against hope that I get no more setbacks to my recovery.

I need to reduce my dose of Hydrocortisone back to the normal level (which I can't do before I am sure I'm not fighting any more viral bugs) before the Endocrine team will consider putting me through the tests I need, so I have a vested interest in getting better quickly.

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