Monday, 15 July 2013

June 2013 - making progress

So, things are starting to bob along nicely. OK so I have an unsightly rash, but I have started to get some sleep and relaxation and the operation is starting to seem a world away. The weather has bucked up a bit and is really quite nice. Having been at home a couple of weeks, I am ready to start going for walks and building myself back up again fitness-wise so I can face the world and look to get back to work.

So I decide to take the bus into Portsmouth and meet an ex-colleague, it might not sound much but to me it was quite an adventure. A Pituitary tumour is a notifiable event for the DVLA which means you have to tell them you have one, and it means at least 3 months not being able to drive whilst they assess you. So a trip on a bus is the only alternative, not something I do very often. In the event, the trip into Portsmouth and back was uneventful and although I was a bit tired by the end of the day, I was hopeful that this was my recovery getting into full swing.

A couple of days later, I go with my wife to the doggy hydrotherapy pool, and whilst she is there, I walk back home a grand total of nearly 2 miles which pass by quite quickly considering I was only meandering along. I was very chuffed with myself, and again the recovery looked like it was on track. I spoke to the doctor during that week who also seemed optimistic but urged caution, as it was still only 3 weeks since I had had a major operation.

But little did I know that lurking around the corner was major illness, and Diabetes Insipidus (again).......

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