Monday, 15 July 2013

May 2013 - hospital release

It was with mixed feelings that I finally got word that I would be discharged from D-Neuro ward that day. On the one hand I couldn't wait to get home and start recovery, but on the other a lot had happened in the last few days and you knew that if something went wrong with you, the staff were always on hand and so knowledgeable as to what to do. So I knew I had this recently operated site in my head that was really delicate, and so much I had to be careful of, going home was a bit daunting. But after a final barrage of checks and tests, off I went waving goodbye to the staff. The date was Friday 31st May 2013.

The drive home was a bit nerve racking, somehow the world seemed a different place than it did just a few days before when I was admitted....all loud and bright. Of course it was the first time I'd even stepped outside in days. Home at last.

Now at this point, sat in my front room finally resting, I could have only imagined a few weeks off work whereby I would get stronger, have lots of tests to get my hormones balanced and within a short while feel a whole lot better. This was pretty much what I was promised by the consultants...have operation - remove tumour - test Pituitary gland - replace hormones - feel better...all fairly quickly. Compare that to a conversation I had recently which went more like "it can take 6 months and be a rocky road" and certainly the latter feels much more realistic. 

What I didn't know sat on our (brand new leather) sofa was that my recovery wouldn't in fact be at all straight forward and would indeed take several turns for the worst. But what I was really looking forward to, was a night in my own bed in peace and quiet. That is what I got and boy did I have an epic sleep. Another thing that I shouldn't get used to just yet.

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