Thursday, 11 July 2013

March 2013 - Googling!

March 2013 - Googling!
So having visited the doctors and got some information, what's a man to do. It is one thing to do to be chatting to your friends and family about something and you suddenly remember some old TV programme you used to watch. You all whip out your smartphone or iPad and Google the answer you were trying to remember....oh how you laugh when you remember that old TV episode you watched when you were younger.

What isn's so clever is when you think to yourself, "so I wonder what I could have wrong with me, let's have a Google". I knew I shouldn't be doing this, because the scope of what you can find on the Internet is just too wide, but this didn't stop me. The range of tumours and diseases I could have seemed endless, and the type of Pituitary tumours, adrenal tumours (which were still an option at this point) and other conditions such as Addisions Disease really scared me.

There really is an obvious answer and I knew it, put Google down! I did, but not without scaring myself first, I chatted this through with my wife who of course told me what a plonker I was for looking on the Internet in the first place. But it really brings home the information we have at our fingertips now, and also how important it is to rely on the medical profession to do their thing and work rigourously through the facts of the tests they were doing. I eventually sat back and waited on what they would find. This took us through March and April 2013. Waiting, don't you love it.


  1. That is EXACTLY why I chose not to hit the internet when I was first told. "Let's here it from the expert rather than risk wrong interpretations" I thought.

    1. Haha, you're not wrong, but that didn't stop me, I'm the opposite and like to know all there is to know, even when I really don't want to know half off what I found out.....